Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal Transportation and Distribution Management Services


  • Kalaban has a vast network around the globe in order to provide a reliable and in time transportation of all types of cargo from and to the country. This could be by multimodal transportation starting by one type of transportation, and end up by another type, such as Road, Sea, Rail and Air.
  • Kalaban also provides insured, safe and fast distribution services providing all types of commercial vehicles, from pick up to heavy low bed trucks, for any kind of cargo specification.
  • With the experienced operation team, and truck company suppliers, we have provided a network that can access almost every destination in the country and worldwide.
  • We also provide milk run distribution management services for inside and outside the cities, throughout the country.
  • We can provide internet based reporting system and software as well as online tracking system for the total distribution fleet.
  • We can follow up the standard KPI of the customers in order to provide management decision and strategic planning.
  • Any Kind of insurance coverage for all types of goods including transportation, third party liability, and theft.