Warehouse Management

  • Kalaban has acquired remarkable experience in global standard warehouse management through years of providing services for several multinational, international, and local companies.

  • Experienced team members, reliable software, appropriate standard racking systems and machineries, as well as IT infrastructures, are provided to achieve your requirements, which can all be hired at a very limited time period.

  • We could provide the warehouse management services at clients’ warehouse facilities or providing dedicated warehouse for the client as well as offering Multi-clients warehouse management at Kalaban facilities.

- Other issues included in our warehouse management are as follows:

  • Providing web based inventory stock reports for the clients.

  • The best possible integrated and internet based operational reporting system.
  • All required insurance policy coverage for the warehouse management covering any possible risks of incidents.

  •  ISO certification for warehouse management including ISO 9001 AND 14001, or any other required mandatory ISO certifications for the cargo storage required by the clients.