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Kalaban Logistics is offering all kind of Supply chain and Logistics services to clients throughout the country and around the globe.

The company, which is based in Tehran, Iran, was set-up in early 2013 with the great experience of its management team at the Logistics and distribution services using global network appointed agents.

Highly experienced staff, along with taking advantage of advanced information and communication technology, Kalaban Logistics provides a reliable service for its esteemed clients; we closely monitor all service levels to ensure reliability and sustainability of services in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Kalaban Logistics has provided services for several international companies including but not limited to bellow listed companies:

1- Henkel Iran
2- Pars Hayat
3- Bridgestone Tires Distributor in Iran
4- Dunlop Sumitomo Distributor in Iran
5- Mitsubishi Automobiles Distributor in Iran
6- DS Automobile Distributor in Iran
7- Samet – Turkey
8- NEC- Japan Distributor in Iran

Previous experience of the founders in logistics are listed bellow:

1- Ericsson Systems – GSM
2- Porsche – Iran Distributor
3- PSA – France
4- Faber Castle – Germany
5- OSRAM – Germany

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Kalaban Logistics has created a software to link the Factories and traders with the transport companies online. Most of the Cargo owners use the latest edition of ERP to manage their business workflow but due to a technology gap, they have to use telephone, email and fax so often to clarify the delivery order to the local transport and truck companies.

The Problems:

- It takes time and energy to find the right truck on time.
- Conflict occurs between the shipper and the truck companies.
- There is no reliable KPI clarification and performance assessment.
- Using more team members to find trucks and communication.
- More logistics cost.
- Low performance in logistics = low performance in sales.

Our solution:

- User friendly
- Free of charge for shippers
- Fast learning
- Short time to upload the delivery order data
- Crystal clear delivery orders = no further discussion or conflict
- 24 hour technical support
- Valuable reporting for all management layer
- Generating a competitive environment to reach a better rate.

Kalaban Software has shown its great performance in one the biggest FMCG companies in Iran for more than 45000 delivery orders.

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